Training, includes computer based ground lectures and video instruction. The GFC is based at Vadodara Civil Airport and has the advantage of giving its Students a professional flying environment, of an Airport Authority of India (AAI) controlled Airport, from Day One.

The location

Gujarat Flying Club (GFC) is located at the Civil Aerodrome, Vadodara, Gujarat. This AAI airport also serves most major domestic Airline as well as the Indian Air Force. The airport has a VOR, ILS and has night landing facilities. Vadodara is a modern city of Gujarat and is very well connected to the rest of the country by both Rail and Air.The trainee learns to Fly in professional Environment from day one.

The Flying Training

GFC is well equipped with all the necessary facilities required for flying training. GFC trains its pilots on Cessna 152 & Cessna -172R -(Glass Cockpit)Aircraft and also Basic FTD-Elite Simulator.

The Ground Training.

Qualified Ground Instructors conduct the requisite ground training. The classrooms are fully air-conditioned and well equipped with all modern audio-visual instruments like projectors, whiteboards, Wi-Fi connectivity and Public Addressing Systems.